Friday, March 20, 2009

Refreshing Your Closet for Spring

The Closet Assessment
You have good taste. And you’ve got some great clothes. But, still, it’s a battle to get dressed in the morning. Something is getting in your way…preventing you from bringing out the best pieces in your wardrobe. Well, I am here to tell you what it is. Your closet and dresser are overloaded with clothes that you never wear. It’s time to dive in and see what’s really in there. I’m talking closet cleaning.

This is important for a few reasons. One, you need to assess what you have, and critically examine what you wear. Many women tell us that they have too many black tops, or too many jeans. But upon examining what you really have, you may find that only two of these tops fit in a flattering way, or are a regular part of what you wear.

The second reason this is important: in finding out what you really have to wear, you can decide what you need to buy for spring. Instead of habitually shopping the SALE racks (because you are unfulfilled with your own wardrobe) you can confidently fill in the new seasonal pieces you need.

Don’t fret. It’s refreshing. And come into it knowing that something productive will come of the big box of give-aways. Drop it off for the Good Will, sell your best pieces on eBay, donate it to a women’s center, or have a clothes swap with your friends.

Get Started

Begin in the darkest recesses of your closet and drawers. (Where the old bridesmaid dresses lurk.) This is where you will find the true antiques and it will start you off on a truthful note. And be honest. Go in with the “pitch it if you don’t wear” attitude. And why might you not be wearing it? There are a number of good reasons:
1. It doesn’t fit. It’s too small, and gives you bulges where you don’t actually have bulges. Or it’s too big. Or it simply does not fit you in a flattering or comfortable way. If it’s an oversized shirt you like to wear around the house; or an ancient, but favorite pair of leggings, keep it. Remember this is an, “I don’t wear this” exorcism.
2. It’s a bad color for you: For me, this is often a sale piece that I shouldn’t have bought. Enthralled by the discounted price, I buy it, and never wear it. Put it in your give-away pile. It will look great on someone else.
3. You just don’t like it: Or more kindly, it doesn’t suite you fashion sensibility. It could be hopelessly out of date, or too modern for your taste. Or your taste has changed. Decide to make room for the pieces that you love.

Now, repeat with shoes. If they are a terribly worn pair of boots that you adore, see if you can get them repaired. But if they have a horrible fit, get them out of your life. I have a dreamy pair of green strappy heels that I literally walk out of…they are now in my give-away box.

What’s Worth Keeping
One category that I believe to be a valuable “keeper” is an event outfit, or special dress. These may be very rarely worn, but always worth keeping. If the dress fits you perfectly, it a divine color, and speaks to you in all languages of style, keep it for the upcoming wedding, gala fundraiser, or other special event.

Remember that tailoring is always an option for pieces that have an “off” fit. However, if you are too busy to ever get these garments fitted, they are just taking up room in your closet. Either make it to the tailor, or give them away.

There also may be pieces that you just can’t figure out how to wear. We, at Helena’s, are here to help. Bring your halter dress, mid-thigh tunic, denim legging, or whatever you may be your fashion puzzle. We will help you figure out how to style it properly. For instance, our Last Tango layering tanks, and Nally & Millie raw edge tees have solved many conundrums of body coverage.

And then, at last, you can fill in the gaps. Spruce up your wardrobe with the divine, colorful tops, dresses, skirts and pants for spring and beyond.

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